Our Riesling in Stuart Pigott’s Top 20 Dry Rieslings in his new book

We are very honored to be the only Riesling from California chosen in Stuart Pigott’s Top 20 Dry Rieslings in his brand new book The Riesling Story: Best White Wine on Earth. We’ll be excerpting on our blog but here’s a taste:

Many of the most exciting dry whites produced anywhere are Rieslings. A generation ago, this list would have been dominated by Alsace with a handful of Austrians and a couple Germans keeping them company. So, the geographical make-up of this list is therefore a sign of how much has changed. To make this “A-Team,” the wines from a particular producer had to score as much on their harmony as on their power, and for no other list was the number of producers who almost made it as high as for this one.

Also more at Mr. Pigott’s blog: http://www.stuartpigott.de/?p=5077

Author: corkingnapa

Julie Ann Kodmur is a second-generation Californian who was born in San Francisco and grew up in La Jolla. As an eighth grader she was the runner-up in the state spelling bee. She’s lived in Italy and New York and now lives in the Napa Valley with her family. She is a marketing and publicity consultant in the wine industry. Her business life can be seen at http://www.julieannkodmur.com. This is the home for the overflow. The ‘title’ is a reference to a sculpture honoring an Argentinean journalist who practiced his craft in the 1930s before literally dying for his words. No such drama here, just hopefully some provocative fun.

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