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Fire update

October 17, 2017

Tuesday October 17 pm:

The worst is behind us. Even though there are still fires and smoke in the Valley, the danger has passed. Cal Fire has established perimeters around all of the fires and especially the one closest to us, the Nuns Fire. Within those perimeters they’re letting the fires burn themselves out; in many places it’s too dangerous to try to fight the fires in steep mountainsides and canyons. With about ¼ inch of rain forecast for Thursday into Friday, that should help in snuffing out the last couple of fires and bring the danger to an end. Stu is still driving around with the office and the storage documents in his Suburban. Internet access is now a week off, but we’re responding remotely to emails and orders. We are extremely grateful that the fire passed us by, yet we are still enormously exhausted and emotionally spent from the week of worrying about others and ourselves. Our continuing thanks for all of the messages of support. Onward.


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