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Congrats to a new Winery of the Year

January 29, 2018

In 2015 Smith-Madrone was honored to be chosen as the (2014) Winery of the Year by The Daily Meal.

Now it’s Ch. Palmer’s turn: congratulations!

“….In early 2015, for the first time, we honored a Winery of the Year. The idea was to celebrate one wine producer from anywhere in the world that has consistently made fine wines over a substantial period of time — but that has also served as an innovator and/or inspiration in the world of wine, whether dynamically or simply by example. To arrive at our selections, we asked a panel of wine writers and bloggers (including our own regular wine contributors), sommeliers and wine merchants, and wine-savvy chefs and restaurateurs to offer us their nominations for this honor….Our winner the first time we essayed this competition was not the newest, most obscure favorite of America’s coolest wine stewards, but the Napa Valley’s Smith-Madrone Vineyard & Winery, vintage 1971, known primarily for its exemplary cabernet sauvignon and unexpectedly sophisticated riesling….”



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