Charlie conducts a white wine tasting

Charlie will conduct a white wine tasting at Rakestraw Books’ Summer Camp For Grownups in Danville on August 8.

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We are excited to announce the return of one of our most beloved programs: Summer Camp for Grown-Ups! This year’s camp will take place on Wednesday, 8 August 2018 in a beautiful new location, Luminary Farm. 87 acres of hiking trails, oak trees, a gorgeous pool, and lots of room for all our activities. You all are going to love it.

We are thrilled to announce that IACP Award-winner Georgeanne Brennan will be our keynote speaker sharing her stunning new book, Windows on Provence. Georgeanne will be at the center of a full day that will include yoga, hiking, hands-on workshops, and time to relax.

In addition to being our lunchtime speaker Georgeanne Brennan will teach a cooking workshop. More workshops will be led by author Leslie Jonath (art and flowers); Keva Dodd from Danville’s Whim House; Lisa McGuinness (photography); and others. And, of course, we’ll be starting the day with a choice of yoga or a hike and finishing the afternoon with wine tasting. Charles Smith, winemaker at Smith-Madrone Vineyards in the Napa Valley, will conduct the tasting of several unusual white wines, including the 2015 Smith-Madrone Riesling.

Ticket price includes all workshops and activities as well as a gourmet lunch catered by Piatti Ristorante and wine tasting. All participants will receive a goody bag full of books and other carefully curated treats.


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