Do you have time for a blind tasting?

Happy spring time!

Kelli White with Dave Gibbs in the Augustine Wine Bar

Come behind the curtain with us. As winemakers, we’re constantly tasting—our wines, other wines, barrel samples …leading up to making blends, calculating percentages, imagining how age will impact a wine’s character. We often blind-taste other wines. We call it a “misto” wine: our slang for an unknown wine that the other two taste without knowing what it is. Sometimes we even use opaque black wine glasses so we can’t know the wine color.

What’s the varietal, is it new world or old, what AVA, how old, how good is it and do we like it? We enjoy doing this because it keeps our palates tuned up. If we only taste our own wines then there’s the danger of getting a “house palate.” Only by challenging our senses with the unknown can we stay grounded and maintain our humility.

With that said, we wanted to share a glimpse of the wine world which we think is just wonderfully entertaining. This is how wine professionals taste behind closed doors. Here is a link to a clip from Somm TV’s Blind Tastings series. It features two highly regarded professionals, author/expert Kelli White and Dave Gibbs from Augustine Wine Bar (Sherman Oaks, CA).

You might guess the outcome but if you have four minutes…..take a look! This put a smile on our faces and we hope it will bring a smile to your face too.

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SOMM TV is a food and wine streaming network launched in 2019, maybe best known for its SOMM Series, which follows the world of the Master Sommelier exam.

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