Stu talks about dry farming in The San Francisco Chronicle

Tara Duggan talks to wineries about the drought and dry farming in The Chronicle on September 29. Here are some excerpts: While climate change and drought loom as existential threats to California agriculture, there’s one farming sector that may come out ahead: wine grapes. Many California winegrowers have had to cut back on irrigation this … Continue reading “Stu talks about dry farming in The San Francisco Chronicle”

Prioritising dry farming in a new book

We are included in a review of wineries around the world who dry farm: Turn it off: Why the wine industry should prioritize dry farming By Linda Johnson-Bell, January 25, 2019, Wine or water? This is the choice that many of the world’s winemakers are currently facing as our most well-loved wine regions across … Continue reading “Prioritising dry farming in a new book”

Stu talks about dry farming at a San Francisco panel discussion

On February 22 Stu was one of the panelists at How Green Is Your Wine? in San Francisco. Here is the audio link for the panel discussion: In this panel discussion co-sponsored by Community Alliance for Family Farmers and CUESA, hear California vintners and wine grape growers discuss organic and biodynamic vineyard practices, dry farming techniques, … Continue reading “Stu talks about dry farming at a San Francisco panel discussion”

Smith-Madrone in The New York Times on the subject of dry farming

Drought Brings Soul Searching to California Winemaking New York Times, August 20, 2015 By Eric Asimov St. HELENA, Calif. — At the rustic Smith-Madrone Vineyards high up on Spring Mountain, nobody has been thinking about the drought, which has absorbed so much of the conversation about California this year. Instead, concerns have been about the unnaturally … Continue reading “Smith-Madrone in The New York Times on the subject of dry farming”

Stu is on a panel on dry farming at Napa Valley Grapegrowers Organic Wine Growing Conference

Stu will be a panelist at The Napa Valley Grapegrowers’ 2014 Organic Winegrowing Conference on July 29 at Inglenook Winery in Rutherford, Napa Valley. This may be the first wine industry symposium ever on the subject of dry farming. Stu is on the Practical Application & Common Misconceptions of Dry Farming panel, which will be … Continue reading “Stu is on a panel on dry farming at Napa Valley Grapegrowers Organic Wine Growing Conference”

Stu on dry farming

Alastair Bland talked to Stu for this piece on dry farming in The Bohemian: “…Stu Smith, however, believes many of NapaCounty’s vineyards could be weaned off their water. He has advocated for a shift for a decade but with little positive response, he says. As a board member of the Farm Bureau from 1999 to 2001, Smith spoke … Continue reading “Stu on dry farming”

How is dry-farming like parenting and more from NapaFoodandVine

The “California Girl” and “The Brit” came to visit: we thank them for their kind words!   The past is like a foreign country, they do things differently there. That opening line could apply to the Smith-Madrone Vineyard. It is located only a few miles from Highway 29 and St Helena, but it is a world … Continue reading “How is dry-farming like parenting and more from NapaFoodandVine”

Taste our wine at a discussion of dry-farming in San Francisco

Smith-Madrone’s wines will be among other dry-farmed wines available to taste after a panel discussion, Dry- Farming Wine Grapes in California: Making Great Wine, at The Commonwealth Club in The Ferry Building in San Francisco on November 3. Organized by Community Alliance With Family Farmers, the panel includes Will Bucklin (Bucklin Old Hill Ranch), Guillaume … Continue reading “Taste our wine at a discussion of dry-farming in San Francisco”

Did you know Smith-Madrone dry-farms?

Smith-Madrone is included in a list of dry-farmed vineyards: Community Alliance With Family Farmers: Dry-Farmed Vineyards Dry-farmed vineyards do not receive any irrigation. Water held in the soils from winter precipitation provides the necessary water for vine growth. Many dry-farm growers do minimally irrigate new vines for the first 1 to 3 years of production … Continue reading “Did you know Smith-Madrone dry-farms?”