A video visit to the vineyards

Ray Fister of LifeBetweenTheVines did a video of a recent visit to the winery (June 30, 2016):

Talking with Stu Smith of Smith-Madrone Vineyards & Winery on Spring Mountain is to get a strong feel of what Napa Valley was like back in the 1970s.  Stu goes way back to 1971, a time when there were very few wineries in the valley.  Along with his winemaker brother Charlie (whom we interviewed for Podcast #94 in July of 2013) make exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling and Chardonnay.  This interview was conducted ‘mobile’ while touring the property with Stu.


A new series of video tasting notes!

Smith-Madrone announces a new series of videos filmed by videographer Tom Sanders. The videos average around two minutes in length and feature both Stu Smith and Charles Smith.

The series includes video tasting notes for the 2012 Riesling, 2012 Chardonnay, 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2010 Cook’s Flat Reserve, as well as videos on dry farming and wine tasting.

“We wanted to present these wines where we could tell their stories directly to our friends and customers,” explains Stu Smith. “We hope these videos will make it easy for people to get a quick sense of what makes our wines unique,” adds Charles Smith.

Tom Sanders is a commercial and contemporary photographer and author. He makes short films and commercials; his work is available at tomsandersphoto.com.